Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Day 13 Part 3 - Toyota City Showcase

The Toyoto City Showcase is probably the world's largest Toyota car showroom, featuring over a 100 of the latest Toyota models, as well as a few concept cars not yet into production:

The E-com ride is like a giant slot car track - except these cars are real cars that drive themselves using an advanced cruise control and steering technology that "follows the road":

Inside the Toyota Crown (Toyota's prestige line - usually used as company limos):

The RiN - a concept green car:

The i-swing is billed as a "personal mobility concept", but looks too much like an electric wheelchair to me:

Another concept car called the "Pod":

A really compact parking garage:

G-Link is a telematics service for Lexus owners:

The "Mega Stage":

The "Euro Sports" store:

This section is devoted to hybrid cars:

Inside a hybrid car:

Prius THS-II engine:

Prius models:

This is the Prius used in Eco Mission 2000 @ Europe (travelled 10,000 km in 40 days):

The Auris (replacement for the Corolla):

The best place to play a car simulation game:

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