Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Day 7 Part 1 - Tokyo to Osaka via Shinkansen

We took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka - the journey is around 3 hours, which is not bad. There are different types of Shinkansens - the Nozomi is the fastest with the least stops - completing the trip in 2.5 hours but our Japan Rail passes did not permit us to board this train. The second fastest are the Hikari Shinkansen, which we took. The Kodama all stops Shinkansen would do the same journey in 4 hours.

The girls selling food and drinks are very cute:

Here are some interesting scenes taken from the window of the journey - a mixture of rural countryside, various buildings and towns, and the occasional glimpse of sea.

This is the KM International Driving School (KM国際自動車教習所) - the blue car is navigating through a practice driving course:

Crossing the Tama River at Numabe (沼部):

We were soon on the outskirts of Tokyo, and seeing the rural countryside:

Approaching Odawara:

Glimpse of Sagami Bay:



24 hour hotel:

Tomei expressway:

Gifu-Hashima station:

Outskirts of Osaka:

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