Saturday, 19 April 2008

Day 10 Part 2 - Various places around Umeda

This place (Tendon Asahi) serves great tempura - I think we had dinner here on our first day in Osaka:

This is the iconic ferris wheel on top of HEP FIVE (a shopping and entertainment centre):

I took this shot just before the Hankyu Department store opened for business - the employees seem to be engaged in some sort of daily ritual (singing the company song perhaps) - or maybe these are new employees being sworn in:

Entrance to JR Osaka station:

A billboard for a shop called "Dog Mind":

A sweets shop called "Dessert Terrace" - I can't believe how expensive some of the delicacies are:

Waiting at a pedestrian crossing:

Yodobashi Umeda:

A shop called Pet Paradise selling clothes and accessories for your pet:

At that time, there was a recent film called 「犬と私の10の約束」 (10 promises to my dog) - this seems to be some merchandise tied to the film:

Winnie the Pooh and ... dogs?

Some children clothes:

For dinner we had takoyaki (yumm!):

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