Monday, 21 April 2008

Day 12 Part 2 - Sanrio Puroland

Our first glimpe of Sanrio Puroland on the other side of a pedestrian overhead bridge:

A kid hugging Chiffon:

Entering Puroland - I didn't realise how dimly lit the interior was - for some reason I expected the theme park to be bright and cheerful:

The inside is supposed to represent a "Fairyland" - which in Japanese is メルヘンの世界 (The World of "Märchen" - this is a German word meaning "tales of enchantment and marvels")

There's Kitty and her friends (including some fairies) teaching children how to dance to a set of steps - quite important, as I later realised, as these dance steps are used during the Main Parade and everyone is supposed to join in and dance with the characters:

Some interesting displays in various nooks and crannies:

The Cinnamoroll shop:

And the Cinnamoroll show:

The Hello Kitty house and adjoining gift shop:

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