Monday, 14 April 2008

Day 5 Part 4 - PENTAX SQUARE

Being an owner of a Pentax camera (currently a K10D, and prior to that the strangely named *ist D, and before that a film camera), I was very keen to visit PENTAX SQUARE, which is a combination of a photographic gallery (Pentax FORUM), a users's education facility (Pentax FOCAL) and a user's club (Pentax Family).

By the time we reached there, it was very late in the evening and the sun had already set - this is the courtyard at Shinjuku Square:

And this is the entrance to PENTAX SQUARE:

Every lens Pentax has ever made is on display:

And at that time, Pentax has recently released the K20D:

The 67 Mark II is a medium format film camera:

There's also display of significant cameras manufactured during Pentax's long history:

Map of the area:

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Full album on Picasa:
[2008-04-14] Japan - Shinjuku

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