Friday, 11 April 2008

Day 2 Part 5 - Shinjuku at Night

By the time we got back to Shinjuku, it was evening. We had dinner at a ramen shop near the station. After dinner, we wandered around Electric Street (電気街):

This is the Yodobashi (ヨドバシ) Multimedia Store.

Yodobashi is a large chain of electronics stores that actually started here - this is their headquarters.

Sony and Pentax banners - Yodobashi has a huge range of cameras and the store name used to be "Yodobashi Camera":

The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower at night:

The Keio department store at night:

Street performers outside the Keio store:

Inside the Shinjuku station entrance to the Keio line (the stairs lead to the department store):

Shinjuku Station West Entrance at night:

Gotochi Kitty Shinjuku version:

Map of area:

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Full album on Picasa:
[2008-04-11] Japan - Shinjuku

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