Monday, 21 April 2008

Day 12 Part 4 - Hello Kitty Nutcracker

The next show we watched was a version of the Nutcracker ballet, but starring Hello Kitty and her family.

The show starts off with Daniel, Kitty's boyfriend ...

This is Daniel and Kitty's father George White:

George and Kitty's mother Mary ...

Daniel and Kitty's twin sister Mimi:

Kitty's family:

And now ... introducing ... Kitty!

Kitty gets a toy soldier and puts it in her dollhouse:

Kitty falls asleep, and dreams that she is in the dollhouse:

Kitty meets her toy soldier:

But the rats come in to spoil the party:

But the toy soldier saves the day!

And everyone lived happily ever after

But this is the weird part - just when I thought the show was over, it segued into a cabaret performance:

I just LOVE the "Princess Kitty" look complete with glitter and the "KT" symbol ...

Even George gets to wear pink ...

And by the end everyone is wearing pink - a great ending for Hello Kitty fans.

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